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Recently, Kanye has continually released new Yeezy shoes. First is Yeezy 380, then Yeezy 350 v3, Yeezy 700 v3. Now. Yeezy Clogs maybe be popular than old Yeezy.

Yeezy Clogs

As you can see from the picture, there are many holes of different shapes on Yeezy clogs. Undoubtedly, it is suitable to be worn as a pair of sandals in the summer, because the breathability is very good. I guess the Yeezy ‘Clogs’ foam runners may be released in June 2020.

Yeezy Clogs

Real Yeezy clog looks like a sandal made of foam. But according to Kanye’s introduction, the shoe body of Yeezy Clog is partly made from algae. Besides, he said, this pair of Yeezy has a very good environmental protection effect, it can reduce carbon emissions. Kanye has contributed to the sustainable development of the economy.

Yeezy Clogs

Therefore, once the Yeezy clog is released, there are many environmentalists who may buy them. After all, protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Yeezy Clogs

Yeezy Clogs is currently only appeared on the feet of Kanye’s daughter. officially Website Yeezysuppy hasn’t for sale.

YEEZY clog on feet

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